Extending Business Growth

Laura Jordan is a proud business owner of a local flower boutique store in the town of Colorado, USA. Laura, with her few team members, has managed to keep a loyal client base for years. She is a huge fan of AC/DC.


Laura Jordan came to us to extend her business growth, which had a steady presence in her local business market. She needed to upgrade the digital presence for her business to compete with her business competitors.

We had many things to take care of in the first place. We had to gain an edge over her competitors, which were quite well-funded and had a good domain authority and business presence on the web.

But as we analyzed her competitors, we knew we had a chance to compete, as long as we can create an aggressive business plan.


Check Icon  Create a new business plan.

Check Icon  Lower her business expenses.

Check Icon  Redesign her business website.

Check Icon  Introduce email marketing for her business

Check Icon  Work on search engine optimization.

Check Icon  Gain an edge over her competitors.


As we were creating a new business plan for her brand, we straightway focused on redesigning her website in the first place. Her website was outdated in terms of the current online market and would help her cut down her business expenses.

We then went along to introduce email marketing for her business. After providing training for her and her team members, we were ready for marketing within her budget allocation.

But we had a lot to do before we were able to send emails to her clients. We had to call her clients one-by-one and introduce email service to them and had to get their consent.

After we got consent from the clients, we then started to send emails which immediately got results after a few months;

  • Email campaigns had an 89.17% open rate.
  • Previous clients who hadn’t been in contact with her business were again visiting her store.
  • We introduced a 5% discount for new clients and a 10% discount coupon code for regular clients, which was a huge success.

Now, the big hurdle was to gain an edge over her business competitors. As per our experience, this wasn’t possible without redesigning her website and introducing an online store for her business.

As we were working on her website, we analyzed her competitors. We knew straight away; the only way to get an edge over her competitors was to improve her local SEO, increase organic traffic, and offer a different approach than her competitors.

The competitors were way well-funded, so we had to find the other way around.

After we finished creating her website, we focused on her local SEO, which would help her in local search. Still, the problem was to sell the same product which her competitors were selling at the same price. We found a great solution to that problem.

  • We first created email campaigns with a personal welcome video from the boss herself for her updated business.
  • For a limited time, we made a promo stating that our boss will herself deliver the product alongside the delivery person so that she can get feedback from her clients.

This strategy worked and brought new clients to Laura’s business. After working with Laura for around 9 months, we were able to make a change to her existing business operations and increase her profit by 43.12%.


About Us

I wasn’t into technology that much. I believed in the old school way, where a store, good business ethics, a phone line, and a website would do the job.

But as the business market expanded, the digital presence became a must in today’s era. As I had a loyal client base, I didn’t want to lose them.

That’s when I decided to extend the digital presence for my business.

Vigorous IT Solution is the reason for my business success.