About Us

We built Vigorous IT Solution with a desire to provide managed business services for brands needed to be successful in the current business markets, using the latest digital technologies. We design and develop different technological management products and services alongside our selected partners, needed to enhance the business growth.

Our History

Seeing my father built his brand on his own from the ground up, without any technological or marketing help, made me lay the foundation for Vigorous IT Solution. What did I learn from my father's journey? Time and strategic plannings are an investment and necessity for today's business operations. Brands will fall behind if they don't have a managed strategy and digital presence for their business.

First Step

2011 AD when it all started. One person, full of passion and dedication, had a vision of a company that would provide managed business services to brands, which would benefit them in the long run.



Continuous Research

Continuous education and research, evaluating new technologies and companies, this person wanted to share his vision and ideas with different businesses which would be beneficial for them. During his journey, another person with the same vision joins him.

Foundation Laid

After years of studies and work experiences, these friends were able to evaluate the potential of the managed services from a business perspective which triggered the idea of bridging the gap between technology and the brands.



Company Started

After 5 years of constant research and evaluation, these friends knew that the time has come to open a company officially. They were ready with the services and products needed, that would help businesses in the long term.

Vigorous IT Solution Evovled

This seed idea attracted other passionate entrepreneurs and people who decided to join Vigorous IT Solution. We as a team ambitiously expanded our horizons over the years in different countries. The team behind Vigorous IT Solution grew after hard work of 9 years.


Our Business Values

We value quality services for our clients. We don’t lure anyone to use our products or services stating; “100% Clients Satisfaction Guaranteed”. As we know, these kinds of wordy sentences don’t apply to all clients as every client has a different approach and thinking.

Data Protection

We maintain privacy and confidentiality and tell the truth in all dealings. We have strict rules and procedures involved in protecting your data at all cost. No one has the rights to explore your privacy without your consent.

Experienced Team

We invest a lot of time and effort into finding the right team. Every team members have to go through continuous evaluations and training sessions to be relevant for current business markets.

Desired Outcome

We perform tasks with care, make few if any errors. We develop fresh ideas to almost all types of workplace challenges. We eagerly engage in identifying issues, option, and desired outcomes for your business growth.

Affordable Pricing

The budget plays a vital role in establishing a business framework. We thoroughly understand the importance of price scaling. So we have affordable pricing for our services or products.

The Value of

Dedicated Team For Your Company

One of the main benefits of having a dedicated team for your project is the cost-efficiency and focused approach. It is more affordable to hire a dedicated team than gather a team on your own. Lots of assessments come into consideration while choosing a dedicated team. The proposed team focuses on one particular project, which helps the team not to lose the task focus and provide the best results for a client.

What Makes Us Different?

Let’s be honest here! It’s not us who should compare ourselves to others. It’s up to you to decide if we are different from others or not. Let’s make it simple. We make things happen.


We make sure, our team is equipped with the updated resources and infrastructures needed to make the best use of their knowledge and ideas to work effectively and enhance productivity for your business.


For proactive communication with clients, both the management and team members openly disclose information and strategies, which immensely helps them perform better for our clients.

Integrated Team

We don’t send our team to train on your expense. Every team members, for a project, is deployed based on their project knowledge and experience, essential to deliver the right outcome.

Updated Knowledge

We, as a team, believe in strong leadership and evolvement. Therefore, we continuously train and research to improve our services and products for our clients and be relevant in the current business markets.

Business Services for Your Brand

We operate as an extension of your company and support long-term product development roadmaps. All big companies started somewhere. Let’s build your brand together.

Rosan Baral is the Executive Chairman and Founder at Vigorous IT Solution.

He is responsible for passing the audits of the day-to-day management of the company to the related departments. In addition to running the company and setting overall product strategy, he remains actively involved in digital research around the globe.

From time to time, Rosan also helps Human Resource Department to find suitable team members for Vigorous IT Solution.

Rosan specializes in software and network system engineering and has thorough experience in IT and business management strategies.

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