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There is a saying; teamwork makes a dream work. Even though we have different departments to look after from distinct places, we make our working environment fun and interactive.

Want to start a new project or clear your doubts? Every team member in the company will efficiently answer your queries regardless of their positions. Just quote their names.

Aaron Dunn

Chief Executive Officer

Crisitina Shakya

Chief Operating Officer

Jon Karl

Lead Business Analyst

Divya Clair

Senior Product Manager

Rosan Baral

Digital Marketing Analyst

David Gurung

Senior Engineer

Rubina Chhetri

Legal Adviser

Nischal Pradhan

Human Resources Manager

Aaron Dunn is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Vigorous IT Solution.

This company is growing under his leadership. Aaron makes decisions about policy and strategy while developing and implementing operational policies and strategic plans.

He oversees the day-to-day operation of the company.

He also identifies and addresses problems and opportunities for the company while building alliances and partnerships with other organizations and works closely with the human resource department to ensure great hiring.

Rosan Baral is the Executive Digital Marketing Analyst at Vigorous IT Solution.

In addition to running the company’s digital portfolio and setting overall product marketing strategy, he remains actively involved in digital research around the globe.

From time to time, Rosan also helps Human Resource Department to find suitable team members for Vigorous IT Solution.

Rosan specializes in software and network system engineering and has thorough experience in IT and business marketing strategies.

Cristina Shakya is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Vigorous IT Solution.

She is currently responsible for Vigorous IT Solution’s service portfolio and internal operations, leading the strategic direction of our offerings and ensuring delivery quality.

Cristina helps companies optimize the benefits of change management and achieve their project outcomes.

Before joining Vigorous IT Solution, Cristina served a range of companies across multiple industries and sectors.

Jon Karl is the Lead Business Analyst for Vigorous IT Solution.

Jon plans designs and develops efficient business, financial, and operations systems in support of core organizational functions and business processes.

This includes gathering and analyzing data in support of business cases, proposed projects, and systems requirements.

Jon demonstrates up-to-date expertise in Information Systems and provides advice and guidance to clients in the application of information and best practices.

Divya Clair is the Senior Product Manager at Vigorous IT Solution.

As the strategic leader of Vigorous IT Solution’s internal marketing initiatives and product management, Divya is responsible for Vigorous IT Solution’s global vision and product strategic direction.

She also maintains the firm’s industry relationships and executes traditional and digital marketing strategies to maintain product quality.

David Gurung leads all engineering and production departments of Vigorous IT Solution.

He sets the stage for long-term growth and manages the development team to deliver organizational results and outcomes.

Before joining Vigorous IT Solution, he worked at multinational companies and co-founded two companies in the Kathmandu area, one of which was acquired by Biz-Community.

As Legal Adviser of Vigorous IT Solution, Rubina oversees the company’s legal activities, data privacy, government-related functions, and policies, across all aspects of the business.

She guides several areas including editorial content, product, advertising, litigation, and corporate transactions.

She regularly participates in the development of corporate policies, procedures, programs and provides continuous, and guidance on legal matters.

Nischal leads our talent strategy at Vigorous IT Solution.

Nischal’s daily responsibilities include recruitment, managing our Internship program, and ensuring that the Vigorous IT Solution culture continues to grow and thrive throughout every aspect of the agency.

Nischal holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Studies from Purbanchal University, Nepal and Advanced Diploma in Recruitment Management from John Academy, UK.