Internships are a popular program for undergraduates/graduates, as these programs allow students/graduates to gain experience of working for an ICT company during their study.

Position Summary

At Vigorous IT Solution, our internships offer hands-on learning and practical work experience in a fun, friendly environment.

We are committed to challenging and developing creative, hardworking students/graduates through a variety of exciting projects and responsibilities to supplement the student’s classroom training.

Interns are encouraged to explore, design, and share their ideas while gaining valuable experience.

Depending on your knowledge and ability to perform to a high standard, you might be able to get paid internship.

Primary Responsibilities

You will provide technical support and troubleshooting services to corporate end-users who need computer hardware or software assistance.

This is a front-line team position with the opportunity for exposure to all aspects of Vigorous IT Solution’s business.


Preferred Knowledge

How It Works?

Step 1

You apply online.

Step 2

We review the application.

Step 3

Follow up email from our side.

Step 4

If selected, we invite you for an online or in-office interview.

Step 5

Follow up email with the final decision.