IT Consultant

Ideal for a professional to grow their confidence and experience with business technologies in an organization that is fast-paced and keen to use new technologies to innovate business processes and products.

Position Summary

Providing IT consulting, network administration, field, and remote technical support, keeping the clients’ professional environments up-to-date with industry standards.

Constant support and maintaining productive communication with Vigorous IT Solution clients, team members, and field service managers.

Primary Responsibilities

The candidate should be passionate about technology and enjoy the challenges of staying in this fast-changing field.

The position will involve meeting with clients to identify their business and technology needs.

You need to work together with the client to create stable, reliable solutions that allow technology to make their businesses more effective.

The candidate will be exposed to many different types of technology and will focus primarily on enterprise-grade solutions.

The position involves supporting both our internal and our client’s network and servers.

Your involvement with clients would include verbal and written communications, as well as some presentations.


Experience and Qualifications

How It Works?

Step 1

You apply online.

Step 2

We review the application.

Step 3

Follow up email from our side.

Step 4

If selected, we invite you for an online or in-office interview.

Step 5

Follow up email with the final decision.