Software Engineer

As a member of our platform team, you will be building and growing a distributed work platform that will connect people in different parts of the country.

Position Summary

For you, development is not just writing codes; you believe it serves a bigger purpose. The codes you write are efficient, reusable, and reliable, and thus, you enjoy maintaining them.

You understand the object-oriented analysis and design. Programming for you has an objective; it exists for a reason.

Primary Responsibilities

You will be involved from scratch, understand the product’s needs and the demand. You will work on all phases of software development, including continuous integration, tests, deployment, and refactoring.

You will be developing features to meet the production requirement, which is robust, scalable, and secure.

You should be able to work alone on your own and other front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements based on the user’s need.

Alongside being a core developer, you will also be identifying bugs in the system and also devise solutions to bugs in the system, either self-identified or reported.


Experience and Qualifications

How It Works?

Step 1

You apply online.

Step 2

We review the application.

Step 3

Follow up email from our side.

Step 4

If selected, we invite you for an online or in-office interview.

Step 5

Follow up email with the final decision.