Promotion and Marketing

Adrishya Kirann continuously travels all over Nepal, to perform in different venues and are actively involved in collecting donations for charities. They are a well respected all-rounder musical band in Pokhara.


Adrishya Kirann wanted to establish its brand through digital marketing in the first place.

It was quite a challenging project to start with, as people believe in digital presence through social media instead of a website, for a musical brand, in Pokhara.

Now, we had to focus on a relevant social media platform to extend their digital presence and had to manage their accounting sections for their music records.


Check Icon  Promote the brand without a website.

Check Icon  Focus 90% on one particular social media.

Check Icon  Create an offline custom financing software.

Check Icon  Maintain brand identity.


First, we had to gather social media usage data about the people in Pokhara. After collecting useful metrics, we found out that Facebook was the highest priority compared to other social media platforms.

Then after, we created the Facebook Page to build and promote Adrishya Kirann as a brand, alongside Instagram. We then created marketing campaigns and banner designs to make their brand as unique as possible.

After that, we created a simple but effective accounting software for their brand as band members would be working on their new albums, and maintaining their accounting records would be the priority.

After working with Adrishya Kirann for about 16 months, we were able to help them establish their brand identity, for the current business market, in terms of digital presence.

We only helped them in the field of technology. Everything else, they made it on their own to taste that success because they were the ones who worked hard to create that brand identity. We were just the helping hand.

They are now on the top list of the musical bands in Pokhara. You can find them in the best pubs and bars of Pokhara, regularly 🙂 and also can check out their tour details for different parts of Nepal, on their social media.


About Us

After working with Vigorous IT Solution for over 16 months, we believe we made the best investment for our brand. Musical bands need to put that first foot in the right place at the right time.

They helped us make that right decision.

Even though it took a bit of time to build our brand, the results were quite satisfying. We knew first hand from Vigorous IT Solution that our branding success would need some time, and they were right.