Domains Monetization

Ambjorn Lokert is a bakery owner in Molde, Norway, and a part-time freelancer. He had been investing in domain names for more than 5 years, and he is very good at monetizing the domains for a profit.


We knew Ambjorn personally, from way back when Vigorous IT Solution was in its early days. At that time, due to our workload, we weren’t too focused on domain backorders.

He used to invest a lot in domains and sell it for a profit. He was very good at this job that he used to earn around $ 2,300 on average per month.

As we were in regular touch with Ambjorn, we let him know that we were launching our domain backorder service. Ambjorn was the first person to test our service while it was in the beta version.


Check Icon  Luckily there were no such challenges to overcome in Ambjorn’s case as there was no managed strategy needed, in his case.

Check Icon  The only challenge was to make our back ordering service great so that he would come to us.


Ambjorn used to backorder domains from Dynadot, but he was getting a little upset with the price tags, customer service, and auction interference.

As Ambjorn was well aware of our service during the beta version, he told us that he would like to switch to our service after our service goes live from the beta version.

The first client to purchase our Domain Backorder was Ambjorn, and he had a lot of good things to say about us.

Ambjorn switched to our service because we were able to offer him the best price, excellent customer service, and an easy interface to use.


About Us

I have been in the domain investment business for more than 5 years, and I pretty much believe in transformation and evolvement.

Vigorous IT Solution, as a company, knows what the client needs. Their business ethics are the main selling point, and I adore that.