Custom Accounting Software

Jesika Serchan works as an assistant manager for Coffee Club in Sydney, Australia. She has a very charming human nature and is the bread earner for her family of two sons.


Jesika Serchan

Software Development




Jesika Serchan didn’t know about our company until her friend recommended her, as she hardly gets online due to her busy schedule.

She wanted to create a simple accounting software to lower down her cost, as she has been paying a little more to her accountant, every month.

And in terms of business, every penny counts, if you want to succeed.


  • Create a detailed accounting software but with simplicity.
  • Automate every section possible, to lower down the maintenance.

As we examined her business operations, there was no need for multiple platforms for customization.

We customized her software in a single platform according to her business needs with simplicity in mind.

We created offline accounting software so that she could have full access without the need to focus on digital vulnerabilities.

She saw the results about the importance of custom software solution for a business within a few months. We were able to cut down her business expenses by 19.12%, which was a huge success, considering her business line.

“Amazed by the business ethics of Vigorous IT Solution. The custom software was great and very easy to use.

I thought the cost would be higher, but that was not the case with Vigorous IT Solution. As they say, they work on our budget, not theirs, which is true.”

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