Opening a New Business

Matt Cowan is the fitness guru and has won several local titles under his name. He currently resides in Christchurch, New Zealand. He usually likes to do a solo ride in his free time, with his vintage bicycle, gifted to him by his grandfather.


Matt had been working under a fitness company as a senior fitness trainer. After working for that company for long years, Matt wanted to open his own business as he got fade up with the company rules and regulations.

He wanted to build his own business where fitness training would be done differently, in a relaxed manner. Matt reached to us in Mid-2018 with his project. He wanted to start his own business from the ground up.


Check Icon  Create a competitive business plan for the long term.

Check Icon  Take care of financial, staff, and resource management.

Check Icon  Create a business website.

Check Icon  Help with search engine optimization.

Check Icon  Introduce email marketing.

Check Icon  Automate services and products whenever possible.


As Matt would be in a tight schedule working with his clients, we had to give our best to automate the services as far as we can.

We firstly created custom software for financial, staff and resource management, integrated within a single platform. Matt had a team of 13 people for whom we had to train and help them to use our services and products.

Then we focused on creating a dynamic website as Matt wanted to sell his fitness course and diet plans for his clients.

For this, we used WordPress as a CMS, as we would need to update the contents regularly. As an added advantage for Matt, some team members were familiar with WordPress.

As the business was in its initial phase, we used Managed WordPress Hosting, which made sense as we had to cut down the business expenses.

So, website security and other vulnerabilities issues were taken care of, so that the team now could focus on content marketing and promotions.

Then, we introduced email marketing for the team. As our email marketing service was a breeze, the team members were familiar with the service within hours.

Even though we had the option to implement our automated SEO Tool for optimization, we used our custom SEO strategy for Matt’s business. That’s the way Matt wanted.

After working with Matt for 4 months, we were able to see the changes, and now the business was up and running.


About Us

From an employee to the owner of a business, the journey was exciting and stressful at the same time. It’s never an easy job to open a business and be successful.

Many of us try, but a handful of us gets to taste that success.

As a first-time visitor to Vigorous IT Solution, my question was, “Why should I choose you?” They replied; We can and will help you. Now the rest is history. Thank you, Vigorous IT Solution.