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Sanjok Gurung is a journalist and runs online news in Kathmandu, Nepal. He always wants to be at the top of his game. Besides journalism, he is a huge fan of Chelsea football club.


Sanjok Gurung came to us for his website security and optimization.

As he was getting more web traffic than usual in a short time and lots of complaints from his users that they were not able to access the login portal and the website was unresponsive, he knew there was something wrong.

Sanjok consulted his hosting provider about the situation. To his surprise, they were quite unsupportive. They asked him to find a developer to help him out and warned that his account was using too much bandwidth and could be suspended at any moment.

He was concerned about his website’s security and wanted to get a solution to resolve his website vulnerabilities, so he contacted us.

We knew this was an urgent matter, as the occupation line he was in, he couldn’t afford his website to go down for an extended period.


Check Icon  We had to check the website vulnerabilities from an enormous database within a short period.

Check Icon  Alongside checking the website, we also had to take care of the contents.

Check Icon  And if vulnerabilities were coming from a hosting server, we had to migrate the whole website to a new hosting server.


After we tested the first phase, we found out the website was under a DDoS attack. DDoS, known as distributed denial of service, is one of the most frustrating attacks.

The primary purpose of a DDoS attack is to overwhelm the web server and take it down. Generally, the attacker doesn’t gain anything, and typically nothing is hacked

After further investigating the website, we found out some additional vulnerabilities that lead to an unresponsive website;

  • The website didn’t have any website firewall to fend off these kinds of attacks.
  • As the site allowed HTML input for the comments, we found that the attackers inserted a line of malicious code into the website. That was the primary reason for the users not able to access the login portal.
  • Their hosting server didn’t have adequate server security precautions to fend off these malicious attacks.

As the website was not on our hosting server, we immediately changed the Sanjok’s website IP address to our website security solution’s firewall to handle the situation.

Users and visitors were notified about the situation through social media.

While waiting for the DNS propagation, we took care of the malicious code through the FTP login.

After 2 hours of DNS propagation period, we got the control of the website and started to fend off the DDoS attack. After 15 minutes, the DDoS attack was under control, as our firewall solution was taking care of the attack.

As Sanjok was unhappy with his hosting provider, after a few days, he requested us to migrate his website. After thorough consideration of his business, we moved his website to our Managed WordPress Hosting platform.


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Never in my life, I was so panicked. I was too casual in terms of my business operations.

Investment in the business is the first thing I consider nowadays and would suggest the same to any business owners.

Vigorous IT Solution is the name I would recommend in terms of business. They helped me in a tense situation and helped to maintain my business reputation.