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Trevon runs a small web design company with his 4 friends in Alresford, Hampshire. He has been in the technology field for more than 7 years and still going strong in his field.


Trevon Efrem

Business Management




Trevon was working with different companies to provide additional services for his clients. His company mainly focused on web development services for his clients, but lately, his clients were asking for recommendations for different technological services, which his company didn’t provide on their own.

As Trevon was referring his clients to different companies, he got a little worried about losing his clients to other companies.

We got in contact with Trevon after one of our partners recommended our company to Trevon.


  • Provide services and products to Trevon’s clients.
  • A secured platform for Trevon’s team members for service management.
  • Provide 24/7 to Trevon’s clients.

Firstly, we created a service agreement between us so that everything is cleared in the first place before we started the business operations.

So, now Trevon didn’t have to contact his other several partners to provide individual services or products for his clients, he could focus on lowering his business expenses and think forward to extend his clients reach.

After working with Trevon for around 13 months, Trevon was happy to see that his annual profit increased by 32.53% after he partnered with us, for providing additional services and products to his clients.

“It’s a real pain as a business owner when your clients slip through your hand to other companies or brands.

Glad to found Vigorous IT Solution through one of our affiliate partners. We never felt that we were losing our clients to anyone after we partnered with Vigorous IT Solution. They worked with our clients as an extension of our business. Thank you, Vigorous IT Solution, for maintaining your business ethics.”

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