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Zahra runs a small car workshop business with her husband and her older brother in Dawson, Canada. She is a big fan of cars from her childhood, which pretty much clears her passion, for her business line.


Zahra Niyah

Business Management




Zahra’s business started to pick up the load in early 2018, and she needed additional staffs and digital presence for her business.

As her competitors were going ahead in terms of digital presence, she came to us to completely redesign her digital business presence and wanted to increase her business profits.


  • Redesign her business plan according to the current market.
  • Lower down the business expenses.
  • Create a business website.
  • Gain an edge over her competitors, wherever possible.
  • Custom local SEO strategy.

As we analyzed Zahra’s business, we were pretty much amazed that she had a good business plan. So, we didn’t have to work too much on redesigning her business plan. We only had to update the business plans with the current business regulations.

We then created custom software for resource management to lower down the business expense. In the long run, it would be beneficial for Zahra, as she doesn’t have to hire additional staffs.

Then after, we created a custom dynamic website as Zahra wanted to sell the car parts, through the online platform. We then put the website on a shared hosting server as Zahra’s digital presence was in the initial phase.

As Zahra’s business was already known to the people around her community and had good reviews on Google Business, we didn’t have to focus too much on local SEO. Just a few changes and adjustments, we were able to see changes in a few months.

After working with Zahra, for 7 months, we were able to see a rise in her digital presence, in the local business markets. Zahra is still with us a client, and it’s been 18 months, her business presence is growing day by day.

“Even though there are brands who offer quality website creations with hostings, SEO strategy and so on, but finding the right brand, providing all the services in one place, is not so easy.

It was a weekend when it all started. I was searching online for outsourcing my business project due to the budget limitations and then found Vigorous IT Solution. Great.”

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