Code and Driver Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate

Secure your code and earn your customers’ trust. Code signing certificate provides authentication to assure customers that the file they are downloading is from the publisher named on the certificate.

Nothing kills a download faster than a browser warning stating that a software’s publisher couldn’t be verified.

Maximum Certificate Reliability

Earn your customers’ trust with encrypted technology while eliminating security warnings during download and convert your sales.

Enterprise Technology

Seamless Integration with Industry-Standard Technology. Includes time-stamps to show that your code went through the verification process, even if you allow the digital certificate to expire.

Cross Validation

Verified through both Microsoft and GoDaddy via cross-certificate validation technology, adding an extra level of security, trust, and assurance for your customer. Double layered protection.

Several File Types

Works with several files and database languages, including .exe, .cab, .dll, .ocx, Java, HTML, ActiveX, even Microsoft® Office macros and any other file types that support digital signatures.

Maintain your Code Integrity

Code Signing Certificates are issued after strict vetting process and assures end users that the identity of the publisher has been verified by our Registration Authority (RA).

Rigid Digital Security

Enhanced Security

Maintain the integrity of your code and prevent criminals from using your company name to distribute counterfeit software, or tamper with your code by using a digital signature.

Rigid Digital Security
Customer Trust

Customer Trust

Your customers will instantly be able to verify that your software is safe for download, once they see the reputable digital signatures from Microsoft and GoDaddy.

Improved Service Distribution

Improved Distribution

Protects customers against malware and other malicious threats. Trust promotes user adoption. It helps you maximize downloads and revenue, while you lower costs and extend market reach.

Improved Service Distribution
Assurance and Authentication

Assurance and Authentication

With Vigorous IT Solution’s code or driver signing certificate, you can safeguard your content from being tampered with and from unapproved distribution and downloads.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

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General Questions

Requirements for certificates?

A code or driver signing certificate is an identity certificate.


Because of that, there is a validation process through which you will have to prove to us that you are who you say you are.


It is important to note that every order is validated individually.

Are signing certificates SHA256?

Yes! Code and Driver Signing Certificates provided by Vigorous IT Solution are SHA256 encrypted.

Time period to get a certificate?

Once you submit all the documents required for the validation, your certificate will be issued within 3 days.

Is payment option not available?

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