Full Website Backup

Website Backup

Your website could be hacked, break after an update, or critical files get deleted by mistake. Disaster can strike anytime. Protect your website before it’s too late.

Keep your data safe while you grow your business online. Our website backup service is tested in a real environment with lots of different server configurations. So, you can count on us.

Protect your Data and Reputation

We make the whole backup and restoration process easier to perform. With our platform, you get the features that covers the most important aspects of web security and protection.

Easy User Interface

Our platform is free from clutters and bloats. We made our platform with intensive research according to our current client base. So, you don't need to worry about complicated configurations.

Continuous Research

We don't settle for automatic bot operations. Our team members continuously research and find alternative ways to make our product more versatile, stable and free from security loopholes.

Rigid Compatibility

Don't worry about whether your website is compatible or not with our product. Whether you are using a custom-coded website or a CMS, we got your web server, website, and database covered.

Features and Benefits

Extra features with security in mind. Website Backup is a complete, multi-purpose backup and restores service with more features and advanced tools.

On-Demand Backup

On-Demand Backup

The power is in your hands. You can setup any time of your choice. You can always run an automatic or on-demand backup.

On-Demand Backup
Easy Website Migration

Easy Migration

Want to backup to your local storage? You can easily download the backups in case of emergency access and migrate to local storage.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection

Built-in daily malware monitoring services keep outsiders from getting near your valuable data. And daily backups store malware-free copies of your files for safekeeping.

Malware Protection
Offsite Safety Net

Offsite Safety Net

Cloud backup is your offsite safety net against server crashes. Should a crash occur, you can quickly restore any lost or damaged files with no disruption to your business or site.

Secure Cloud Backup

Secure Cloud

Every file, folder, and database in your site is always safe, protected, and available. Website Backup works with any hosting provider.

Secure Cloud Backup
One-Click Restoration

One-Click Restoration

Disaster strike? You are just one-click ways to restore a clean version of your website or recover a single file or folder.

Importance of Website Backup

Implementing an effective backup process could save your business’s reputation and data from outside intruders. They are not hard to create with our product.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

If you didn’t find the answers to your questions, you might want to have a chat with our team or Brelez (Chatbot) by clicking the chat widget. You can also look at our help center for further information.

Our help center interface is incredibly user-friendly and has extensive documentation about our services and products, in and out. If there is something else you want clarifications for, we are just an email or a call away.

General Questions

File transfer connection?

We use FTP or SFTP depending on your host server.


If your website is hosted with us, we can automatically set up the FTP/SFTP connection for you.

Work with other host?

Yes. Website Backup is platform agnostic and compatible with any hosting provider.

Provide website backup security?

Yes. Website Backup encrypts all files, folders, and databases that are transferred and stored.


In addition, Website Backup provides a daily malware scan, continuous security monitoring, and reputation monitoring.

Database supported?

Website backup supports MySQL, one of the most popular databases on Linux.

How does schedule backup work?

In the Website Backup dashboard, you can select the time for daily, weekly or monthly backup.

Incremental Backups?

To keep backups fresh, we only store the latest changes to your website.


This ensures you can roll back up to 30 days of history in the event of an issue. Each backup is a complete copy of your website on that day.


- Full initial backup.

- Retain backups for 30 days.

- Restore complete backup by date.

- Quick and easy recovery process.

Is payment option not available?

Didn’t you find your payment option for the service? Mentioned currency doesn’t work for you?

Don’t worry. Give us a call or contact us and we will try our best to give you an alternative way of payment options, if available.


Special introductory pricing valid for the initial purchase term only.


Product renewal pricing is subject to change. Products will automatically renew until canceled.


You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your Vigorous IT Solution account.


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