Website Security

Website Security

Powered by Sucuri, our website security service is high-level protection, made simple. You don’t need to install anything as it runs automatically on the cloud.

We have added additional layers of web protection and security patches to further tighten the security besides the advance security powered by Sucuri. Double layered protection for your investment.

Site hacked? It's not too Late.

Fix it now with a security team you can depend on. Pick our Express Plan and rest assured, your website is in good hands. 30-minutes response time for our express plan.

All Plans Include :

Effective and Simple Security Solutions

We eradicate the headaches of complicated settings and interface for your web security. We have created a powerful yet straightforward account interface to manage your website security.

Unlimited Cleanups

Lots of companies have pricing modules depending on the number of website files and databases per site. We have a different approach to this situation. We offer unlimited file cleanup per site at no extra charge to our clients.

Server Side Detection

Our server-side scanning is one of the most powerful security tools in our arsenal. Our scanners scan every single file, remotely without hogging your server resources and generate an alert if anything wrong is found in systems.

Enterprise Technology

We highly invest in the right resources and technologies in the first place so that we can deliver what we promise to our clients. We are committed to building rigid security services for website owners.

Security from Industry Experts

Feel safe by knowing that security experts keep an eye out for your site and act when needed. Your site’s safety and performance handled with top priority.

Malware Removal

Malware Removal

Malware creates a ripple of malicious code across a network. So, we identify and remove the malware and help prevent future injection attacks, whether on your website or server.

Robust security solutions and professional security analysts are on standby to safeguard your traffic, visitors, and reputation from continually evolving cyber threats.

Malware Removal
Performance Boost

Performance Boost

We provide a global system of distributed servers knows as content delivery networks (CDNs) to boost your site performance. We focus on useful metrics to optimize speed, code, and server response time for your site.

We got smart caching options and multiple data centers around the world with rigid hardware and proprietary technology to speed up your website.

Hack Protection

Hack Protection

Advanced real-time protection for your websites. We provide enhanced filtering and intrusion protection required against website vulnerabilities. We constantly update security patches and server configuration rules to protect your site.

Machine learning helps us to understand and eradicate malicious activities before entering your site. Audit reports and alerts are generated in your dashboard to inform the health of your site.

Hack Protection
Blacklist Detection

Blacklist Detection

The possibility of search engines blacklisting a site is real. Our scanners regularly monitor security warnings and irregularities from search engines and blacklist authorities.

Automated scripts and professional security analysts work quickly to locate and remove infections and their impacts.

Zero Day Exploit Prevention

Exploit Prevention

Hackers can discover new vulnerabilities every day, even before a patch is available.

While these are impossible to predict, our website firewall will virtually patch your site within moments of a Zero Day attack being disclosed through virtual patching and hardening.

Zero Day Exploit Prevention
SEO Spam Detection

SEO Spam Detection

Black hat attackers and malicious bots can insert links and keywords into your Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to divert your​ traffic. This incident can be catastrophic.

We help you discover signs of SEO spam before Google and other search engines do. We take in-depth steps to help harden your website after the cleanup and prevent future attacks.

DDoS Attack Prevention

DDoS Attack Prevention

These attacks have increased in popularity and are easy to employ and highly effective in causing your website extended downtime and making it inaccessible for your audiences.

Our web application firewalls prevent Layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks, which are highly effective and secured compared to other vendors in the markets.

DDoS Attack Prevention
DNS Montinoring

DNS Montinoring

By default, we regularly check your DNS records. We will alert you if we find that your DNS is intermittent, or hackers are changing your DNS with malicious intent.

We also check all files on the server for signs of malware to find backdoors, phishing pages, spam, URL parameter, and more.

Easy Service Activation

After you choose the plan according to your needs, set up the domain and IP of your server, you want to protect. That’s it, and we take care of your website after that.

On-Point Analysis

If there is something that doesn’t belong on your site, we will alert you immediately, and you can send a removal request.

Work Starts

We get to work within minutes of receiving the request. We’ll send you response and keep you posted on the progress.

Identify Issues

We identify different issues and also resolve blacklist issues with search engines, so you don’t lose valuable website traffic.

Active Monitoring

While most threats are blocked by our WAF from reaching your site, we guarantee to clean up anything that does get through.

Maintain your Business Reputation

Choose the plan that fits you and improve your website security. Protect your website from emerging security threats and vulnerability exploitation attempts.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

If you didn’t find the answers to your questions, you might want to have a chat with our team or Brelez (Chatbot) by clicking the chat widget. You can also look at our help center for further information.

Our help center interface is incredibly user-friendly and has extensive documentation about our services and products, in and out. If there is something else you want clarifications for, we are just an email or a call away.

General Questions

Does malware removal happen automatically?

No! You are in control of your site and decide when we make changes to their website files.


You can request malware removal from your account dashboard if malware is detected.

What about sub-domains and test sites?

If you want Website Security to scan separate subdomains, test sites or domain names, you need to purchase Website Security credits for each site name.


For example, if you set up Website Security for, it will not scan and


It will scan folders on the domain that you chose at setup, so if you have Website Security set up on, it will also scan

Will the cleanup break my website?

Even though we give our best to avoid the loss of functionality of the site due to cleanup, sometimes it’s not possible.


Most of the time, malware will overwrite the codes essential to the function of the site, and sometimes the cleanup process itself is at fault.


Don’t Worry! We got highly-skilled professionals and security analysts ready to help when things go wrong.

The site is already hacked?

Sorry to hear that. If your website has been hacked and you need to fix it ASAP, you need the Express plan.


With the Express plan, malware scanning starts immediately.


After the product is activated, you will need to request a cleanup from the Website Security dashboard.


Once we receive the request, we will respond within 30 minutes. We will diagnose and clean up your site, 100% guaranteed.


We also submit a request to Google on your behalf to re-index your site and remove it from blacklists.

My site is not hosted with Vigorous IT Solution?

Not to Worry!


We can work with CMS hosted sites (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) or a custom-coded site (HTML, PHP, ASP), regardless of your hosting company.

Does firewall affect SEO?

No, the Firewall does not affect your SEO, except in a positive way through improved performance when taking advantage of our caching options.

Is payment option not available?

Didn’t you find your payment option for the service? Mentioned currency doesn’t work for you?

Don’t worry. Give us a call or contact us and we will try our best to give you an alternative way of payment options, if available.


Special introductory pricing valid for the initial purchase term only.


Product renewal pricing is subject to change. Products will automatically renew until canceled.


You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your Vigorous IT Solution account.


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