Brand Building Guides and Strategies

Join us for practical and effective brand building guides, strategies, and hacks to quickly convert your leads into sales and increase your business revenue.

How to Secure a Website

Web Security: How to Secure a Website – Comprehensive Guide (2021)

This detailed guide provides a clear framework for site owners to secure their website from hackers and security vulnerabilities.
This guide covers;
• Vulnerabilities and Mitigation Plans
• Website Protection Best Practices
• WordPress Security
• Nginx and Apache Configurations
• Lots of Actionable Techniques
These strategies work for almost all types of websites as the basic precautions are relatively similar in terms of website security.
Let’s dive in with in-depth strategies.

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Rebranding Strategies

Rebranding Strategy: 15 Steps to Rebrand Successfully (2021)

Are you considering rebranding your new or already established business?
In this guide you will learn;
• When to Consider Rebranding
• How to Rebrand a Company Successfully
• Mistakes to Avoid while Rebranding
• When to Redesign a Logo
• How to Promote Rebranding
And much more with related strategies.
Let’s discuss the process of rebranding with this clear definitive guide.

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How to Create a Marketing Plan

How to Create a Marketing Plan – The Easy Guide (2021)

In today’s technological world, a marketing plan can help businesses to actively observe their products or services, whether it’s digitally or physically.
For an effective marketing plan, one should;
• Know their Business.
• Set a Marketing Budget.
• Outline Unique Selling Proposition.
• Determine their Target Audiences.
• Use Correct Content Marketing Strategy
Let’s discuss how to create an actionable marketing plan to grow a business using easy-to-follow marketing strategies.

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Business Integrity

Business Integrity: Should Companies be Honest with their Customers?

Running a business is probably a very challenging part. One wrong move can deflate a business forever.
Let’s discuss;
• Why is Integrity Important?
• Ways to be Honest in Business
• Benefits of Being Honest with Customers
• Is it a Good Idea to be Honest all the Time?
And much more with related discussions.
How often are you honest with your customers?

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